The Lives of Indigenous Women and Girls Matter

Join with Amnesty International in demanding that the safety and wellness of Indigenous women and girls is not #OutofSightOutofMind when governments make crucial decisions about resource development on their lands and territories. 

In November, we launched Out of Sight, Out of Mind, a report about the role of large-scale resource development in northeast British Columbia in increasing the risks of violence to Indigenous women and girls in the region. Indigenous women and girls already face a greatly increased risk of violence in Canadian society. Our report concludes that resource development projects can inadvertently add to that risk by putting additional strains on police and community services, especially as large numbers of outside workers are brought in for short term jobs and contracts. 

One of the report`s reocmmendations calls on the federal and provincial governments to examine and address the specific impacts on women and girls as part of the review and approval of large-scale resource development projects. 

The federal government is in the process of reviewing its environmental assessment process, and we have an important opportunity right now to signal loudly and clearly to the federal government that the rights of Indigenous women and girls must be front and centre in the environmental assessment process!


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