Mercury poisoning survivors shouldn’t have to wait for justice

For the last half century, the people of Asubpeeschoseewagong (the Grassy Narrows First Nation in northwest Ontario) have been dealing with the devastating impacts of industrial pollution of their river system, including widespread mercury poisoning from contaminated fish. Momentum is building in support of Grassy Narrows and its long struggle for justice. But we need to ramp up pressure to break through government indifference and bureaucratic inertia.

The Trudeau government had promised to deal with the mercury crisis once and for all. The federal government even promised that it would act quickly to ensure mercury survivors at long last had access to the kind of specialized health care that they need. Unfortunately, as we learned this summer, that promise has been broken.

The federal government doesn’t want to commit all the money that’s needed. And it wants the option of taking even that money away whenever it wants.

The people of Grassy Narrows deserve better. They are asking for the government to establish an ongoing trust fund to ensure that mercury survivors get the care they need, regardless of the political winds in Ottawa.

It’s a reasonable and necessary demand, particularly given how they have been treated by politicians, and Amnesty fully supports this call for action.

We will be highlighting the urgency of concrete, meaningful action for Grassy Narrows during the upcoming Federal election.

And when the election is over, whatever Party forms the next federal government can expect to be hearing a lot more from Amnesty members around the world. Watch for a special focus on Grassy Narrows during this year’s global Write-for-Rights campaign.

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