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    March 19, 2019

    Are you between the age of 16 and 25? Do you have a passion for human rights and a desire to develop your leadership skills? Are you committed to kindness and respect? Do you want to learn more about Amnesty International's work? Then the Amnesty International Human Rights College (HRC) is the opportunity for you!

    Not convinced yet? Here are four reasons to apply to the 2019 Human Rights College in Toronto, Ontario! Read on to find out why previous HRC participants: Fatima, Sareema, Amanda, and Rachel decided to apply, their favourite parts, and what they are up to now!

    June 19, 2014
    Street protest for the survival of Indigenous peoples in Colombia

    By Kathy Price, Colombia Campaigner

    It was two years ago that courageous Indigenous women and men in Colombia sent photo messages to Canada to tell us about deadly assaults on their lives and lands.

    Photo messages like the one from this Kankuamo woman - who writes "We want to live in peace on our lands" - put faces on an acute yet hidden human rights emergency. The very survival of more than a third of Indigenous peoples in Colombia, including the Kankuamo, is in jeopardy amidst attacks, forced displacement and the imposition of resource extraction projects that are increasing with promotion by Canada’s free trade agreement with Colombia.

    Indigenous rights defenders in Colombia, many of them threatened with death for their vital work, urged us to speak out with them. In attention-grabbing numbers, you have done just that!

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