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sex workers work

    September 14, 2015
    Amnesty International has been in the news recently for our position on how to protect the human rights of sex workers of all genders (women, men, gender non-conforming). There’s been much confusion and misinformation in the media and on social media. So we wanted to set the record straight. Amnesty International is AGAINST: Human trafficking in all its forms Any sexual exploitation of children Violence and discrimination against sex workers Amnesty International is FOR: Protecting the fundamental human rights of every person on this planet, including sex workers, without discrimination Comprehensive measures to address social and economic inequalities that deny many people choices in how they earn a living Effective programs to support individuals who wish to leave sex work Enforcement of state obligations to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, including providing support to victims Can you sum up what this is all about and what Amnesty is calling for?
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