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Permissions and Copyright Information

    Permissions and Copyright Information

    The information below pertains to the use of images, logos, reports, media releases, public statements, open letters and other documents found on this website,

    1. Images

    Whether or not an image can be reproduced depends in part on who the copyright holder is. Many of the photos appearing on our website have restricted uses for a variety of reasons, such as that we are not the copyright holders or we have been asked by individuals or families of individuals depicted in the photos to restrict use of images for safety or similar reasons. Use of graphics and other image types can be similarly restricted. The copyright information for images can be found by clicking on the “photo credit” mouse over beneath or next to a photo, in text next to or underneath the photo, or by going to the bottom or sidebar of the web page on which the photo appears.

    The following rules apply to use of photos from our website.

    a) Photos from Getty Images

    Getty Images photos on may not be downloaded, republished, retransmitted, reproduced, or otherwise used other than for personal use.

    b) © AI and © AI Canada images

    Photos that are copyright of Amnesty International or Amnesty International Canada have varying permissions and restrictions for third party use. If you are interested in reproducing a photo that is copyright of Amnesty International (©AI or ©AI Canada), please email describing how you would like to use the photo. Please include a link to the page where the photo appears.

    c) Other copyright holders

    Permission to use photos which are copyright of another organization or individual must be obtained from the named organization or individual.

    2. Reports, media releases, public statements, open letters, web pages, and other documents on the website

    a) General

    Amnesty International retains copyright to all materials on our website. Visitors may download, use and read material from the site for personal, non-commercial use. The materials may not be altered, re-published, or sold without permission.

    b) Educational use

    Amnesty International’s reports, press releases, public statements, open letters, actions, and other documents that appear on the website may be used freely in educational activities, including printing and photocopying for distribution in classrooms and reproduction in course packs. We require that you provide the appropriate citation and credit information along with the document you have reproduced.

    If your institution requires express permission from Amnesty International, please email, including any form you need signed.

    We are always interested to know which of our materials are being used in educational settings. Let us know what you are using, what class, grade, community work, etc. it’s being used for, and how it is being used by emailing

    c) Libraries, Archives, and Resource Centres

    Electronic versions of Amnesty International reports, press releases, public statements, open letters, and other documentation appearing on the website may be saved in institutional repositories, catalogues, and other institutional databases provided the full citation details are included with the document.

    d) Commercial Use

    Commercial uses of Amnesty International material require express permission from Amnesty International. For documents produced by Amnesty International, please contact to request permission to reproduce Amnesty International’s materials for commercial use. For documents produced specifically by Amnesty International Canada (also known as Amnesty International Canadian Section English Speaking, AICSES, and Amnesty Canada), please contact

    e) Providing access to AI materials on another website

    It is preferable that you link to the appropriate page on than reproduce our documents on another website. Our web pages are updated when new information or documentation is available so it is more effective to link to our website directly.

    3. Amnesty International Logo

    You cannot use our logo for your own purposes, or out of context of Amnesty International’s work. If you wish to reproduce the Amnesty International logo in any way, please contact