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Combating abuse: corporate networks and supply chains


    There is a lack of transparency and accountability of corporate networks, supply chains and global trade when it comes to illicit activity and serious human rights abuses.

    Companies have a responsibility to respect international human rights in their operations, including supply chains. This requires that companies take necessary steps to identify and address human rights risks (as well as other risks such as extortion, corruption, etc.) in their global supply chains. Companies must be transparent about their due diligence processes. However, evidence shows that companies in the mineral supply chain are failing to carry out due diligence to an international standard. They are also failing to disclose the steps taken, particularly in relation to identifying and managing human rights risks.

    Therefore, governments need to legally require that companies carry out adequate human rights due diligence in their supply chains and disclose their policies and practices.

    Greater accountability in global networks and supply chains is required. This can be achieved through national and regional (EU) regulation requiring corporate human rights due diligence and transparency. Without laws being in place, companies will not carry due diligence in their supply chains nor will they be sufficiently transparent about their policies and practices.

    Project Activities

    • Meetings with companies
    • Follow-up reports on company responses and situation on the ground
    • Public campaigning
    • Advocacy with businesses and with relevant governments
    • Briefing exposing the need for better regulation of diamond companies – analyzing money flows/profits and highlighting lack of transparency in the global diamond trade; and
    • New research project: Desk-based research to identify research subject to be completed by the end of 2016 – research mission by mid-2017, report and accompanying video by end of 2017

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