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Send a solidarity message to detained trans asylum seeker Kelly Gonzalez Aguilar

    Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - 17:20

    Kelly Gonzalez Aguilar, a 23-year-old transgender woman, fled Honduras, where she experienced violence because of her gender identity. She traveled to the United States and has been held at the Aurora Detention Facility in Colorado since August 2017.

    Kelly fears becoming infected by COVID-19 because of the inadequate measures taken by authorities to protect detainees and staff from the virus. She told Amnesty that, “our lives are in danger because there are people here who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and there is nothing we can do. More detainees keep coming and going. This is a time bomb for our lives. We pray that someone will do something.”

    Kelly is one of many transgender women being held in immigration detention in the US, where they risk ill-treatment because of their gender identity, and because of COVID-19.

    Amnesty International calling on US immigration authorities to release Kelly immediately!

    After over 900 days in detention, Kelly is feeling down. Send Kelly a solidarity message so she knows she is not alone.


    Send Kelly a note of support, or a drawing to brighten her day. Kelly speaks Spanish, but if you send her messages in English, someone will translate them for her.

    Here is some text to inspire your personal message to Kelly (Spanish translation is in brackets):

    • Dear friend, (Querida amiga,)
    • Greetings from (city/province). (Saludos desde city/province.)
    • Please know that you are not alone or forgotten. (Quiero que sepa que no está sola, ni olvidada.)
    • I am thinking of you and your protection and safety during this challenging time. (Estoy pensando en usted y su protección y seguridad durante estos momentos difíciles.)
    • I am in solidarity with you. (Me solidarizo con usted.)
    • Thousands of people are working to keep you and your family safe. (Miles de personas están trabajando para que usted y su familia estén protegidos.)
    • I am sending you love, strength and solidarity. (Le envÍo amor, fuerza y solidaridad.)
    • Stay strong! Many people across the world are supporting you. (¡Manténgase fuerte! Le apoyan muchas personas en todo el país.)


    Please mail your message to:

    Kelly Gonzalez Aguilar (A# 206-674-703)

    Aurora Contract Detention Facility

    3130 Oakland Street

    Aurora, CO, 80010, USA