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Country and Theme Coordinators in Canada

    Country coordinators

    Country coordinators are AI Canada volunteer leaders who serve as AI Canada country experts and who enable the activism of AI Canada members on specific countries or regions. Country coordinators are selected on the basis of a combination of country expertise and experience, Amnesty International knowledge and human rights activist experience, and the organization's needs in that area. Candidates who speak the language and can support work with the country’s diaspora in Canada are preferred.  

    Thematic coordinators

    Thematic coordinators are AI Canada volunteer leaders who serve as experts for AI Canada and support membership and public mobilization.  Currently, we have thematic coordination groups for our work on business and human rights, the death penalty, and a Health and Human Rights Network.

    Country and thematic coordinators are unpaid volunteer positions, only AI related expenses are reimbursed. In most cases, a minimum of a two-year commitment is requested for country and theme coordinators. Though it is difficult to be precise about the time commitment required of volunteers, it is estimated that the positions average 10-20 hours per month.


    The coordination program is overseen by the Coordination Council with support from AI Canada’s Program Management. The Coordination Council is a small group of coordinators selected by coordinators, who identify recruitment needs, ensures training is provided and organize the affairs of the Coordination Program.

    Volunteer positions for country and theme work are advertized from time to time as positions become vacant or new needs arise. To apply for positions currently advertised, please follow the specific instructions within the posting to submit your application or ask any questions. 

    CURRENT OPENINGS: Philippines Coordination Group. For more information and to apply, please click here.

    PLEASE NOTE: There are no other positions currently being recruited.

    Below is contact and social media information for some of Amnesty Canada's coordination teams.

    Business and Human Rights team
    Contact Ian Heide at bhr@amnesty.caFacebook | Twitter | Website

    Abolition of the Death Penalty
    Contact Aubrey Harris ar 

    LGBTI Coordination Team
    Contact George Harvey at | Facebook | Twitter | Website

    Health Network
    Contact via | Website

    Iran coordination team
    Contact Charles Perroud at irancoordinator@amnesty.caFacebook

    Israel/Occupied Territories/Palestine (state of) 
    Contact Andrea Marie Portugal (Montreal), Janan Arafa (Ottawa), Zaineb Hussein (Edmonton) IOTP@amnesty.caFacebook | Twitter | Website 

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    Follow our work on Facebook

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