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    Fieldworkers in Canada

    Fieldworkers are trained Amnesty volunteers who work across Canada to promote human rights activism at the grassroots level.  Fieldworkers help and support individuals and Amnesty groups to carry out their human rights work.

    Fieldworkers are:

    • Catalysts and supporters to groups and members by encouraging local leadership, maintaining regular contact, assisting with problem solving, and offering training;
    • Key resource people who can provide information and materials specific to Amnesty issues and campaigns;
    • Bridgers who help connect members within Amnesty as well as connecting Amnesty members with other human rights activists and social justice groups at the local and national levels;
    • The public face of Amnesty through media interviews, public speaking, and maintaining contacts with community officials and leaders;
    • Human Rights Educators to Amnesty members and the public;
    • Strategists and Planners to help members and staff develop, plan and evaluate human rights initiatives and campaigns; and
    • Leaders in AI Canada at local, regional, and national levels.

    Need a fieldworker to help your group?  Need a guest speaker for your school class or at a community event?  Contact the Fieldworker closest to you! Please check the document “Fieldworkers in AI Canada” (opens pdf).

    Interested in becoming a fieldworker?  In order to qualify as a fieldworker, you need to be a member or supporter of Amnesty International and have at least six month’s experience working on human rights activities with other Amnesty Canada activists.

    To apply to become a fieldworker, please complete a Fieldworker Application form.