Request for Proposal: Racial Justice Programs and Campaigns

Amnesty International is a movement of 10 million ordinary people in more than 150 countries who come
together to achieve extraordinary results in defending and promoting human rights. We get discriminatory
laws changed and prisoners of conscience released. We’ve helped stop torture, commute death sentences
and worked to end violence against women. We are in solidarity with Indigenous peoples demanding that
their rights be respected.

As a part of Amnesty International Canada’s commitment to anti-racism, anti-oppression, diversity, equity
and inclusion (ARAO-DEI), we are committed to equity as part of our procurement and contracting process.
We welcome and encourage applications from members of equity seeking groups including women,
transgender, non-binary, and LGBTI individuals; First Nations, Metis, and Inuit individuals, persons with
disabilities, and members of racialized and marginalized groups. We believe our work is stronger when it
benefits from the experience, knowledge and wisdom of people who have faced systemic barriers and
encourage applications from qualified individuals or groups who have lived experience as a member of
historically underrepresented communities.

Amnesty International Canada (English Section) (“AI Canada”) is developing the next phase of our 2030
strategic vision to advance national and international human rights conditions for all peoples living in Canada
and globally to experience the fullness of their rights, including equality, justice, and freedom of expression.
To fully achieve this vision Amnesty Canada is committed to transformational change and to authentically
reflect our vision to center youth and feminist leadership, anti-racism, and anti-oppression. Cross-cutting this
vision are our commitments to the rights of Indigenous Peoples, migrants and people on the move, racial
justice, gender equity, climate justice and crisis response. We will approach these themes from an
intersectional lens.

AI Canada seeks to appoint a consultant or consulting firm to assist us in shaping how we take forward our
commitment to be in solidarity with racialized and Black communities in Canada to advance racial justice, in
line with the movement’s overall strategic framework as well as AI Canada’s operational framework. Our
approach going forward will be to ensure that we are led by the human rights priorities of Black communities
and be founded on a highly participatory methodology. It will center the fact that Black communities in
Canada have always led the struggle to realize their rights.

The aim of the consultancy is to develop an operational plan for the next 1 to 2 years in this area of work.
The consultant will be expected to apprise themselves with AI Canada’s ongoing efforts in support on the
elimination of racial discrimination against racialized and of Black communities, identify and map out
appropriate stakeholders working on the human rights concerns relevant to Black communities in Canada,
engage in consultations to understand the approaches and priorities of those communities, and propose an
operational plan for AI Canada to take this work forward. This strategy will include a clear theory of change
developed in partnership with racialized and Black communities.

The consultant and/or consulting firm will closely with a committee comprised of the Director of Policy,
Research and Advocacy, Programs Manager (Advocacy & Campaigns), the Equity, People and Culture
team and in close collaboration with other AI Canada staff, particularly a team of thematic experts.

• A stakeholder engagement report, identifying the communities contacted, a summary of conversations
held, and converging priorities identified.
• A memorandum identifying 2-3 possible focus areas for AI Canada, presenting a theory of change and
an analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for each option.
• A concept note and timeline for a 1-2 year campaign to advance the human rights of Black communities
in Canada, or options for mainstreaming racial justice into existing areas of programmatic work over the
course of the next 1-2 years.
• A needs analysis identifying any specific gaps in AI Canada’s ability to execute the proposed campaign
and recommendations
• A draft job description and support with hiring an ideal candidate who will oversee key components of
this portfolio

Please submit a maximum 2 page proposal that includes the following:

  1. Approach and methodology for the scope of work
    a. Approach used to engage stakeholders
    b. Proposed team’s experience and/or expertise working in research, program
    development and project management with relevant stakeholders and communities
  2. Timeline that includes key steps in the project and a draft schedule
  3. Budget including fees and any associated costs
  4. Two references (references will not be contacted without prior notification)

The RFP deadline is Monday, August 15, 2022, at 5:00 PM (EDT) and submitted via email to the
Interim Director of Equity, People and Culture, Chantelle De La Cruz, However,
proposals will be considered on a rolling basis.

July 25, 2022RFP reissued
August 15, 2022Proposal Deadline
Week of August 22, 2022Meeting with short listed respondents
Week of August 29, 2022Evaluation of proposals
Week of August 29, 2022All candidates notified of results, contract signing

All questions and inquiries regarding this RFP should be directed, in writing, to Interim Director of Equity,
People and Culture, Chantelle De La Cruz,