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Regional General Meetings

    Regional General Meetings (RGMs)

    Due to COVID-19, we are currently not able to gather for traditional Regional Meetings this year. Instead, grassroots organizers have planned Sparking Connections, a virtual human rights conference, for November 2020. For more information and registration please visit Sparking Connections.


    With such a large membership in such a geographically wide-spread nation, it can often be difficult for members to come together to discuss Amnesty-related issues. Forums such as Regional General Meetings (RGMs) provide an optimal opportunity for such  interactions.

    From time to time, Amnesty members organize regionally-based meetings for Amnesty members and supporters.  These meetings bring together activists to share information, to network, to learn more about human rights issues, to share new techniques and ideas, and to inspire each other. Whether it be discussing organizational policies, learning about our campaigns and work, participating in workshops, listening to guest speakers or meeting other members, RGMs create a space to engage in meaningful dialogue on human rights.

    The timing and frequency of regional meetings vary from province to province.

    If you are interested in attending a Regional General Meeting please contact Shauna MacLean