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Gender equality for all people

    Women protesting at a rally; sign says women's rights are human rights

    For many years Amnesty International has advocated for the rights of marginalized people around the world, including women. We advocated for concrete measures to address the staggeringly high rates of violence against Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit people. And we advocated for legislation to protect transgender individuals from harassment and violence.

    But we still have a long road ahead of us.

    Around the globe, LGBTI individuals are facing an unprecedented wave of state-sanctioned discrimination and violence, even in countries where same sex relationships are legal. Women human rights defenders are at heightened risk of harassment and violence compared to their male identified counterparts. And these risks are even higher for women of colour, women with disabilities, and anyone who does not conform to traditional gender norms.

    We believe a world in which people of all genders have their rights respected, protected, and upheld, is truly possible. Our movement will continue to use our expertise to advocate justice, freedom and equality for all people.

    Areas of Focus

    To help achieve our goal of gender equality for all people, Amnesty International will focus our gender rights work from now until 2020 on:

    • Ending gender-based violence in Canada
    • Enactment of a comprehensive Canadian feminist diplomacy policy
    • Concrete Canadian action to end state-sanctioned repression of LGBTI people globally
    • Demonstrated action to upholding the rights of transgender and intersex people in Canada

    Project Activities

    • Conduct research, policy analysis, and reporting on human rights
    • Undertake proactive and reactive media work (such as editorials, interviews, etc.) to influence and harness public opinion
    • Mobilize public support through urgent letter-writing campaigns and other actions in solidarity with women human rights defenders at risk
    • Share our human rights expertise with government to inform policy-making
    • Work with coalitions of activists and other partners to amplify our voices

    For more information about how you can support our current projects, please contact us at