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This is what we Demand - Art Project

    Get Creative

    THIS IS WHAT WE DEMAND!” is a creative advocacy campaign that responds to the photo messages sent to us by endangered Indigenous peoples in Colombia, amidst a grave, yet hidden human rights emergency. Our goal is to make visible a groundswell of concern. With your help, we aim to create an eye-catching quilt of individual or group calls for action that is impossible to ignore.

    Catch the attention of decision makers by creating a personal message of support for the rights and survival of Indigenous peoples in Colombia, using photography or other creative means.

    Canadians from coast-to-coast are taking part and sharing their creations on social media to encourage others to join in.

    View their messages, videos, images and artwork presented here, then > Add your voice (scroll down for instructions)

    Click on a photo to view full size.



    Create a photo message. Make a homemade sign and take a photo with it. Make sure to include where you live so your message carries weight – e.g. “From North Bay, I call for action to defend Indigenous peoples in Colombia” or “Canada must speak up for Indigenous rights in Colombia – your name, city”.

    Record a video. You may prefer to deliver your message via a short video clip like the following: “I am a mother/retiree/teacher in Regina. I am extremely concerned that more than a third of Indigenous peoples in Colombia face destruction. This must be prevented. I call for action without delay to defend the survival of Indigenous peoples in Colombia.”

    Express yourself through art. Colour your message on a t-shirt. Draw a poster. Paint a mural. Write a poem. Sing a song and record it on video.

    Share your message. Send your photo message, art work, creative words or video clip to so we can upload it to our website and use to press for action. Also share what you have created on social media and encourage your followers to get involved.

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