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Pride and Amnesty

    Pride Parade Marchers

    Happy Pride everyone!

    Pride activities are a terrific opportunity to campaign against human rights abuses of LGBTI people, celebrate successes, and show solidarity. March in a parade, table at an event, or take part in a human rights vigil. 

    Show your Pride this summer with these great resources

    See if Amnesty International has organized Pride participation


    What is Pride?

    Pride is a celebration of the LGBTI community, and Pride events are primarily a place where LGBTI communities celebrate who they are and create positive visibility for a community that has suffered greatly under a cloak of invisibility. Pride’s activist roots, stemming from the response to police brutality aimed at LGBTI people around a gay bar in New York City in 1969, continue to be the soul of the movement and an important aspect of Pride celebrations worldwide. In many parts of the world it is dangerous to be identified as LGBTI, and impossible to openly march and celebrate in public. Amnesty International’s participation in Pride includes solidarity actions with LGBTI communities around the world where the struggle for equal rights continues.

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