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Colombia Indigenous Survival

    An emergency as serious as it is invisible

    More than one third of Indigenous peoples in Colombia are threatened with "extermination", according to the country's highest court, and face an "emergency as serious as it is invisible." This crisis is fueled by violent incursions into Indigenous territory, forced displacement and the imposition of megaprojects.

    Canadian resource and mining companies have secured government permits to operate in Colombia, amidst complaints by Indigenous peoples that their right to decision-making about projects that will impact their land is routinely denied. Indeed expressing opposition to projects brings threats and attacks. Through the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, the Canadian government is promoting further expansion of these operations without human rights guarantees.


    An urgent message from Colombia

    Watch this video to hear what Indigenous leaders in Colombia want us to know about ongoing attacks and the importance of our action in Canada.


    Business must not trump human rights.

    As Canadians, we have a responsibility and the influence to be a part of the solution, not the problem.

    Watch this slideshow to learn about the tremendous threat to the survival of Indigenous peoples in Colombia, then join us in taking action:

    1. Sign our online petition.
    2. Remind your Member of Parliament that Canada made a commitment to submit a human rights impact assessment of its Free Trade Agreement with Colombia. Send an email to your MP.
    3. Go one step further to help us increase pressure for change. “THIS IS WHAT WE DEMAND!” is our response to a plea for help from endangered Indigenous peoples in Colombia. Our goal is to show how much Canadians care, and create an eye-catching quilt of individual calls for action that is impossible to ignore. JOIN US!


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