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Partners in Justice

    "Just to know that somebody out there in the world cares about your wellbeing, your safety, your dignity, your humanity as a prisoner - it lifts your spirit."
    - Thulani Maseko, human rights lawyer

    Thulani Maseko was reunited with his wife Tanele, after 14 months in detention in Swaziland. Hours after his arrest, we declared him a prisoner of conscience, demanded his release, and never stopped working for his freedom.


    Around the world, lawyers like Thulani and other legal practitioners are facing unprecedented harassment and violence for defending human rights. 

    They have endured the threats of imprisonment, harm to themselves or their families, and persecution from their government or community, simply for defending the most vulnerable people of our world. We need your help today to rise up against the cruel oppression of human rights lawyers around the world.

    How you can help

    If you are a Canadian-based lawyer, you can act in solidarity with your endangered colleagues by becoming an Amnesty International Partner in Justice. 

    As a Partner in Justice, your tax-deductible investment in Amnesty's lifesaving work will help protect the defenders who risk it all to protect human rights. 




    lawyers at Risk

    These are the stories of just some of the lawyers who have endured hardship and remain relentless in their pursuit of justice. 

    Waleed Abu al-Khair Azza Soliman Taner Kılıç
    Waleed Abu al-Khair Azza Soliman Taner Kılıç
    Waleed is serving a 15-year prison sentence in connection with his work protecting and defending human rights in Saudi Arabia.   In Egypt, Azza risks her own safety and freedom to defend women and girls facing torture, arbitrary detention, and sexual violence. Learn more about her case here.    Taner spent 432 days behind bars in Turkey for defending marginalized groups in his country. Learn more about Taner here.


    How your Support Helps

    As a Partner in justice, you provide hope and support for the human rights defenders who put their lives on the line for justice. Your financial contribution goes towards Amnesty's life-saving work, including: 

    lawyer in robes press conference staff taking research notes
    Responding when crisis hits Growing public pressure Exposing the truth 
    Reacting swiftly in emergencies to investigate and condemn attacks on lawyers, prisoners of conscience, and other rights defenders. Mobilizing citizens to tell the persecutors of human rights defenders that the world is watching. Enabling international research on global human rights concerns Enabling change in the long-term by conducting rigorous international research on global human rights concerns. 


    Our Commitment to you 

    In recognition of your commitment to protect your colleagues as a Partner in Justice, you will receive: 


    Exclusive invitations to receptions, meetings, webinars, and other events on the world's most pressing human rights issues


    A copy of Amnesty's global report on the state of human rights in over 150 countries


    Opportunities to write to fellow colleagues at risk and share your solidarity


    A special invite to Amnesty International’s Annual Media Awards, featuring the country's top journalists and media covering human rights


    Special email updates from Amnesty Canada's Secretary General and Executive Director


    Recognition of your commitment to justice and your support of your colleagues worldwide


    what others are Saying

    "Our profession is filled with articulate, well‑educated people who have been immersed in the principles of justice and the rule of law. As lawyers ourselves, it is our obligation to do everything we can to advocate for our colleagues who are being jailed, or worse, for simply doing their jobs."
    - Laurie E. Allen, B.A. LL.B.
    Law Firm of Allen Hryniuk, Calgary


    Act now for your colleagues worldwide.

    Join us today as an Amnesty International Partner in Justice. 




    If you'd like to speak to someone about Partners in Justice, please contact Chryslyn Pais, Leadership Giving Officer, at or 416-363-9933 ext. 337.


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