Taking Action on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade!

June 24th has marked a grim day in the United States, as the US Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade and ruled to end protections for abortion rights in the US. Not only will this landmark decision endanger the health and lives of millions, it also reverses nearly 50 years of essential protections of the rights of women, girls, and those who can become pregnant. It will also embolden more governments to restrict abortion and further their repression of women’s rights. This egregious violation of human rights is a massive blow to gender justice–both nationally and globally. The US has set a terrible precedent that other governments and anti-human rights groups around the world will cite to justify attacks on human rights consequently denying the rights to life, health, bodily autonomy, and privacy. The end of Roe v. Wade is just the beginning of a new war over abortion rights in the US. Much of the battle will shift to state-level legislatures.

AI Canada is mobilizing its members on the ground across Canada to participate in protests, marches, and activism. Pressure from the international movement is critical for the long-term success to defend abortion rights in the US at the state and national level. Every US state needs to see international support for abortion rights and international outcry can prevent further harm and push for further protections.

Click here to read Amnesty’s press statement.


  • Sign our Online Action: Send an urgent message to US governors and call on them to protect abortion access in their states.
  • Social Media: Share key messages promoting the right to abortion on your social media channels. Use the hashtags #BansOffOurBodies, #AbortionIsEssential and #MyBodyMyRights.
  • Street mobilization: Attend pro-abortion rights rallies in your town/city. Street mobilization will help show global solidarity with US activists to bring hope and motivation for the continued fight for abortion rights in the US. Upload post photos on your social media accounts tagging @amnestynow using the hashtag #MyBodyMyRight, #BansOffOurBodies, #AbortionIsEssential. This page will be updated with information on planned protests. Print and use our ‘ABORTION IS A HUMAN RIGHT’ signs here!
    • JUNE 25, TORONTO:
      • The Ontario Coalition of Abortion Clinics is rallying in the reproductive freedom contingent in the Dyke March. Meet at 1pm at the northwest corner of Bloor St. and Church St.
      • The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) is organizing an emergency rally at 4 pm at the U.S. Consulate, 360 University Ave (Corner of University & Armoury St.)
  • Solidarity Actions: Many members and activists in the US are feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, and need to be reignited with hope by messages of hope, solidarity, and resistance. Send solidarity cards or letters, or record a quick solidarity message on video to hhaque@amnesty.ca. Messages will be delivered to activists in the US.
  • Amnesty’s complete policy on abortion can be found here, the explanatory note here, and the Q&A here.