Year end message 2017: a time to stand together

Late last month, at the end of a day of meetings in Mexico City, along with other Amnesty International leaders from across the Americas, I joined activists for a demonstration drawing attention to the case of Veronica Razo, who has been imprisoned for over six years now, on the basis of information obtained through torture and rape. We came to present the Attorney General’s office with the signatures of over 135,000 people from all over the world, demanding that she be freed.

With us were her son and her mother, both of whom were clearly moved by the signs of support from so many people the worldover. Veronica’s mother Austreberta told me that she could not believe there were this many people standing with her and her family; and that she felt tremendously strengthened by that support.


Her words stayed with me; as they so powerfully capture what has been so important and necessary in our human rights work during a turbulent and divisive year: standing together.