Tweet for #Write4Rights 2019

Join activists around the world this Human Rights Day for a letter-writing marathon on Twitter and Instagram.

Write for Rights is the world’s largest human rights events and on Human Rights Day we want the world to see how far and wide the campaign reaches, and all the great work we do to change lives.

On or around December 10th, 2019 we will be using Twitter and Instagram to show that people all over the world are writing letters for young people around the world fighting for human rights. You can find more information on Write for Rights cases here.

Let’s show the world that human rights matter, by making the 2019 Write for Rights hashtags #Write4Rights and #W4R19 appear in conversations online throughout the day!

Here are some sample tweets for each 2019 case. Just click the link to tweet the text! Each will come with a link to the action.

“In total, we could be sentenced for over a 100 years, and spend 25 years of that in prison”. – Sean. When did helping save lives become a crime? Tell @chrisochoidis to drop all charges against Sarah & Sean. #W4R19✍️>>>

“My husband got arrested only because he’s Uyghur. He is a father. He is a husband. We really need him. Please do all you can so we can reunite.”  Help Mairinisha. Tell Xi Jinping to free Yiliyasijiang Reheman >>>

“Nobody’s against development. But development should have a human face. Housing is not a privilege. It’s our right.” – Nasu. Tell the Governor of Lagos state @followlasg to protect Nasu’s right to a home this #W4R19✍️

The youth of Grassy Narrows want the river cleaned up. Their demands to #FreeGrassy from mercury poisoning have been heard in Ontario and beyond. Amplify them! #W4R19✍️ 

Emil’s after-school job as a courier told him the parcels he was delivering contained legal smoking mixtures. Weeks later he was beaten and arrested for distributing illegal drugs. Urge Belarus to free Emil now! #W4R19

Young researcher Ibrahim Ezz El-Din was forcibly disappeared for 167 days. He said he has been tortured in prison. Tell Egypt to release him now! #W4R19

Yasaman faces 16 years in jail for championing women’s freedom to choose what to wear. Tell @khamenei_ir: #FreeYasaman. #W4R19

They beat Adrian, cuffed him, tortured him, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Demand justice for Adrian from @MauVila @GobYucatan. #W4R19

Climate change is not just an issue of adaptation and mitigation, but also an issue of human rights. The future of all of us depends on YOUR decision NOW, so please join me and make a difference.” #W4R19✍️

At 15, Magai was sentenced to hang for an accident that happened when he was just a boy. Now 17, Magai is still on death row. Tell @RepSouthSudan @PresSalva: cancel Magai’s death sentence #W4R19✍️