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    Want voting rights at the AGM and in online elections? Become an Amnesty member! 

    Recently changed regulations for Canadian charities mean that we have a new definition for supporters and members of Amnesty International Canada. The new rules mean that you must formally notify us of your choice to become a member AND have made a financial contribution of any amount at least 30 days before the AGM. You will then have the right to vote in elections for board members and on AGM resolutions.

    All members in good standing will be notified of the AGM 60 days before the meeting. In order to vote at the AGM or in online elections, you must be a member in good standing 30 days before the AGM.  

    Please fill out the information below to become a voting member of Amnesty International Canada. * indicates an obligatory field

    YES* I wish to be identified as an Amnesty International Canada member
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    YES* I understand that my name and contact information may be shared with other members for governance-related purposes (this is required by the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act)
    YES Please use my email address to communicate AGM notices and electronic ballots for online elections on an annual basis.No, Hard-copy communication is required
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    All Amnesty Canada supporters can become members. What’s the difference?

    Supporters are those who contribute financially or who take action with Amnesty. This could be anyone from a monthly donor to an online petition-signer. Supporters can get involved in most things we do, including joining committees or taking on leadership roles, but they cannot run for elected positions. Supporters can also attend regional, annual and special member meetings in a non-voting capacity. They cannot vote on resolutions of the Branch, or in elections for Directors or international representatives.

    Members can fully participate in governance-related activities. Only members, in good standing, are notified of Annual General Meetings and Special Meetings, and only members are eligible to vote at those meetings. Members, in good standing, can also run for positions on the Board of Directors or to be a part of the delegation to the Global Assembly Meeting, and can vote in those elections. According to the new Not-for-profit Act, all members must agree to allow their contact information to be shared with other members for certain governance-related purposes.

    If you have questions, please email Member Services directly: