Your letters can protect individuals from human rights violations.

When an individual is in immediate danger as a result of the violation of a basic human right, Amnesty International can launch an Urgent Action to protect them. The massive number of appeals from concerned people around the world pressures the authorities to right the wrong.

Join the Urgent Action Network

To join and be contacted about Urgent Actions as they arise, send an e-mail to with “I want to join” in the subject line. There is no cost to sign up. We will contact you about your preferences.

If you have any other questions about the Urgent Action Network, contact:

Amnesty International Canada – Urgent Action Office
(416) 363-9933 extension #328

Typical Urgent Actions try to protect an individual from torture, unlawful arrest, “disappearance” in detention, denial of medical care, and both lawful and unlawful executions.

Amnesty’s Urgent Action Network mobilizes letter writers quickly. You can read about the situation, follow the suggestions of what to write, and use the contact information to send your message to the appropriate authorities.

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Resources for letter writing 

Tools for writing an appeal letter:

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Letter writing works 

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Take action on Amnesty’s most urgent actions – the power to protect people is in your pen – or keyboard!

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