50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate the nature around us. It is also a chance to join others in calling attention to the urgency of protecting the place we all live.

Our human rights are intertwined with the environment. People need a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment to fully enjoy their human rights, including the rights to life, health, food, and water. While other human rights, including the rights to information, freedom of expression, public participation in decision-making, and access to justice, are essential for protecting the environment.

April 22nd is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Although many wonderful celebrations had been planned across Canada and around the world, many of these events have been cancelled or revised due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for physical distancing. The global climate strikes, for example, that saw millions of people marching in the streets in 2019, have moved online.

We encourage you to stay safe at home and join the next big climate strike online this Earth Day (Wednesday, April 22, 2020). 

To join the strike online here is what to do:

1.    Make a climate strike sign
2.    Take a photo of yourself holding the sign
3.    Post to your favourite social media channel with the hashtag #climatestrikeonline. You can also put the sign in your window.

We would love it if you would also tag Amnesty Canada at @amnestynow so that we can see your posts.

Don’t use social media? There are many other ways you can take part!

  • Put a sign in your window
  • Send your photo to members@amnesty.ca. We’ll share some online!
  • Share this blog with family and friends
  • Take action in support of Earth Defenders under attack in Honduras, Colombia and Ecuador

Although we are physically distant at the moment, we are more united than ever. We may be stuck inside, but we can continue advocating for human rights. After all, a focus on human rights is crucial to fight the covid crisis in a fast and fair way, and the same applies to the climate crisis.

See you at the #climatestrikeonline!

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