Act Now in Support of Women Human Rights Defenders at Risk

As the space for civil society to peacefully advocate in support of human rights shrinks, being a human rights defender is getting increasingly dangerous. Women human rights defenders (WHRDs) are experiencing harassment and violenceboth on and offlinebecause of what they’re advocating for AND because of their gender. The space for WHRDs to safely advocate for human rights, is getting even smaller. And the space for women of colour, Indigenous women, women with disabilities, and other marginalized women to advocate in support for human rights is even smaller still.

What is the impact of the shrinking space for WHRDs? It means having your assets frozen, a travel ban imposed, and the threat of prison time if you call out rape culture like Azza Soliman has done in Egypt. It means experiencing ongoing harassment and abuse on Twitter. And it meant death for Marielle Franco, a black, lesbian, WHRD from Brazil, whose murder in March sparked global outrage and drew attention to the risks faced by WHRDs in Brazil and around the world.

This summer, take action in support of courageous women human rights defenders, who continue to speak truth to power despite the risks to their personal safety and security.

1. Marielle Franco

Take action now and call for justice in the killing of Marielle Franco in Brazil.

2. Azza Soliman

Take action now and collect petition signatures in support of Egyptian WHRD Azza Soliman. 

3. Hanan Badr el-Din

Take action now, write a letter, and collect petition signatures in support of Egyptian WHRD Hanan Badr el-Din.

4. #ToxicTwitter

Learn more about how #ToxicTwitter is a hostile space for WHRDs, take action now, and learn about other actions you can take to make Twitter a safe space for everyone.

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