One year has passed – but still no Ombudsperson

January 17th marks the one year anniversary of the Canadian government’s announcement to create an independent Ombudsperson that would enable people harmed by Canadian companies overseas to have access to justice in Canada.

We celebrated the announcement, thrilled that Canada would finally be “Open for Justice”. Yet one whole year has passed, and the Ombudsperson is still not in place! Equally concerning is whether or not the office will be granted the powers it needs to be effective. The  Canadian government did promise a year ago that Canada’s Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise would be independent, transparent, and have the power and tools necessary to conduct effective investigations. But we are still waiting to see whether they follow through on their word.

We need your help! 

Contact Minister Carr, Minister Sohi and Prime Minister Trudeau, and urge them to create an independent and effective Ombudsperson without further delay.

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Read our Ombudsperson fact sheet

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