Taking Action on Immigration Detention in Canada

June 20th is World Refugee Day, a day to honour and celebrate refugees from around the world.

In Canada, thousands of people will continue to be incarcerated on immigration-related grounds, including people who are fleeing persecution, those seeking employment and a better life, and people who have lived in Canada since childhood. Immigration detainees are held for non-criminal purposes but endure some of the most restrictive conditions of confinement in the country, including maximum security jails and solitary confinement, with no set release date.

This World Refugee Day, take action to end immigration detention in Canada.

Take Action

  1. Visit our campaign website with Human Rights Watch to take action right away, targeting the Nova Scotia and Quebec provincial governments.
  2. Use our letter-writing template to write to your Member of Parliament.
  3. Stay tuned for actions and events you can take part in on World Refugee Day, including outside immigration detention centres.
  4. Stay tuned for ways you can take part in our lobby day for refugee rights. Want to learn more? Email lobby@amnesty.ca.

Learn More

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