Amnesty International Fieldworker Program Recruiting New Volunteer Leaders

Fieldworkers are trained Amnesty volunteer leaders who work across Canada to promote human rights activism at the grassroots level.  They help and support individuals and Amnesty groups to carry out their human rights work as well as are the go to persons for any resources and information specific to Amnesty issues and campaigns. Need a fieldworker to help your group?  Need a guest speaker for your school class or at a community event?  Contact the Fieldworker closest to you! Go to

Love mobilising masses for human rights? Interested in taking your human rights work one step further by becoming a leader in Amnesty Canada at local, regional, and national levels? Interested in becoming one of the faces of Amnesty through public speaking? We would love to hear from you.

In order to qualify as a fieldworker, you need to be a member or supporter of Amnesty International and have at least six month’s experience working on human rights. For more information about becoming a fieldworker, contact: Shauna MacLean, Program Coordinator or Dr. Priti Maheshwari, Chair of the Amnesty International Fieldworker Program Recruitment and Selection Committee at