Everyone should have the right to a healthy environment!

All people should have the right to a healthy environment, including clean air, water and soil, and a safe and stable climate. That’s why Amnesty Canada has joined forces with a diverse coalition of organizations to launch the Coalition for Environmental Rights today.

The organizations that comprise the Coalition for Environmental Rights share a collective interest in fighting environmental injustice using a human rights-based approach. We recognize that Canada’s unfair pattern of environmental harm is a reflection of deeper systemic issues that require systemic change. 

Our goal is to ensure that the right to a healthy environment is recognized in law and in practice in Canada. We strive to bring to light the inadequacy of existing laws and resulting failures to protect people, and explore how achieving recognition of the right to a healthy environment could strengthen environmental governance. 

For more information about the Coalition for Environmental Rights, please visit this website: www.environmentalrights.ca