Show your solidarity: Join the climate strike online

The global climate strikes that saw millions of people marching in the streets in 2019 are going online in response to the need for physical distancing to prevent the spread of covid-19.

We encourage you to stay safe at home and join the climate strike online tomorrow, and every Friday until the end of April. To join the strike online here is what to do:

1.    Make a climate strike sign
2.    Take a photo of yourself holding the sign
3.    Post to your favourite social media channel with the hashtag #climatestrikeonline.

We would love it if you would also tag Amnesty Canada at @amnestynow so that we can see your posts.

Although we are physically distant at the moment, we are more united than ever. We may be stuck inside, but we can continue advocating for human rights. After all, a focus on human rights is crucial to fight the covid crisis in a fast and fair way, and the same applies to the climate crisis.

See you at the #climatestrikeonline!

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