Tweet With Us on December 10th!

Join activists around the world this Human Rights Day for our annual letter-writing campaign!

Write for Rights is one of the world’s largest human rights events and on Human Rights Day we want the world to see how far and wide the campaign reaches, and all the great work we do to change lives.

On or around December 10th, 2021 we will be using Twitter and Instagram to show that people all over the world are writing letters for those whose rights have been abused. You can find more information on Write for Rights cases here.

Let’s show the world that human rights matter, by making the 2021 Write for Rights hashtags #Write4Rights and #W4R21 appear in conversations online throughout the day!

Here are some sample tweets for each 2021 case. 

Just click the link to tweet the text! Each will come with a link to the action.

Belarus: Mikita Zalatarou 

China: Zhang Zhan

Egypt: Mohamed Baker

Eritrea: Ciham Ali

Guatemala: Bernardo Caal Xo

Mexico: Wendy Galarza

Nigeria: Imoleayo Michael

Occupied Palestinian Territories: Janna Jihad

Thailand: Rung Panusaya

Ukraine: Sphere

While you are writing for rights, encourage your friends, family and communities to do the same!

Invite them to participate by tweeting or sharing a captioned photo on Facebook and Instagram. Some tweets/captions you can use are:

  • “Write a letter. Change a life! #Write4Rights #W4R21″ and include a picture of your letters.
  • “I am writing for [X] because [Y] #Write4Rights #W4R21” and include a picture of yourself and your letters.
  • “We are writing for you [name of individual or community]! #Write4Rights” and include a picture or screenshot of your event.

Don’t forget to hashtag #Write4Rights and #W4R21 in your social media posts and be sure to tag us: @AmnestyNow on Twitter, @AmnestyCanada on Instagram. 

Join Amnesty activists around the world this Human Rights Day and write letters for change!