Youth, Power, Action! Summit

Amnesty International Kenya, the East Africa Regional Office and the Global Youth Team at the International Secretariat are coming together to organize a Youth, Power, Action! Summit.

Amnesty International’s Youth Strategy has set out ambitious goals and across the movement people are pioneering new approaches to work towards the realization of those goals. Over 25 national youth strategies are in the process of development or being implemented. This work is contributing to ambitious growth goals, for one third of Amnesty International supporters to be under the age of 25 by 2020. While pioneering new approaches to youth work, Amnesty International has lots to learn from each other across the movement and other youth-led or youth focused organizations.

Given this context, the Youth, Action, Power! Summit is being organized with the aim to capitalize on the potential of youth work across the Amnesty movement and beyond.

The objectives of the Youth, Power, Action! Summit are:

  1. To be inspired and learn from external organisations on effective practices in terms of youth engagement, youth participation, digital campaigning;
  2. To create space for dialogue and peer-to-peer sharing among participants to identify effective approaches that can contribute to reach the three goals of the International Youth Strategy by 2020;
  3. To explore ways to strengthen youth inclusion within organisational priorities, including but not limited to: delivery of movement growth ambitions (both in terms of numbers as well as diversity of supporters), development of the new strategic goals, revising the global campaigns model.
  4. To strengthen capacities to drive and prioritize youth engagement at the national, regional and global level;

The key thematic areas of the meeting will be:

  • How can Amnesty realize the young people’s perspective are integrated in our human rights work
  • How can Amnesty realize that young people actively participate at all levels of our work
  • How can Amnesty attract more and diverse youth
  • How can we channel our joint commit to youth work effectively across the movement

Criteria and requirements for applicants

  • Must be between the age of 18-25
  • Must be able to travel on dates as stated below *
  • Has been involved with Amnesty Canada for at least one year
  • Must commit to working with the National Youth & Student Program on the implementation and advancement of the National Youth Strategy for Amnesty Canada
  • Must have time to do preparatory work including participation in virtual calls prior to, and after the summit
  • Committed to share your experiences with others upon return
  • Contributes to diversity. Amnesty International Canada is committed to equity, and actively seeks diversity, and encourages applications from all qualified applicants including women, members of racial minorities, Aboriginal persons, and persons with disabilities. Accommodations are available to applicants with disabilities upon request

*Please note that priority will be given to those who have not had previous opportunities in attending Amnesty’s international meetings.

*The meeting will run from Thursday May 3rd to Sunday May 6th. Participants must allow for travel days before and after as to be able to arrive on the 2nd and leave on the 7t. Participants must attend the full four days of the meeting.

Are you interested in attending the summit on behalf of Amnesty Canada? Please complete the attached application and return it to no later than March 5th. Any questions related to this application can also be directed to the above email address.