30 days for refugees – Day 13

You’ve shown until now how much you care, so could you befriend a refugee and help them settle into your local community?

You may have to do a bit of research to find a local group that can facilitate this, but a good first place to check is with the organizations that provide services to refugees in your Community

Refugees that have the support of local people tend to settle in much better, so you would be making a huge difference to their lives.

It could be just a question of meeting someone for a coffee every now and then, to help them work out any issues they may have, or you could be a lot more hands-on and help a recently arrived refugee family navigate the welfare system in your country or register in school or learn to speak English. 

Debbie, a Canadian who is a private sponsor for a Syrian refugee family, beautifully illustrated the need for this kind of support when people first arrive in a new place. Ahmed and Louai, from Syria, had a place on a training course and were told to dress in “business casual”. They had only limited English, so asked Debbie for help and guidance on this in a heart-warming WhatsApp conversation.

So please have a look and see what ways there are for you to befriend refugees where you are.  
Find out more about our #IWelcome refugees campaign.