Documentary on gender-based violence in Canada now available to Amnesty activists

Amnesty International is pleased to offer the acclaimed new Canadian documentary “A Better Man” to Amnesty supporters interested in organizing film screenings to further discussion and action to help end gender-based violence in Canada.

The feature-length film documents the journey of Toronto-based activist and filmmaker Attiya Khan as she reconnects with the man she was in an intimate relationship with over 20 years prior. A Better Man documents a personal experiment for me and my abusive ex-partner — a step towards understanding and accountability,” said Attiya. “By getting closer to the truth of what survivors experience, and of why men choose to use violence, we can help stop the abuse. I hope that sharing my personal search for justice and healing will contribute to the struggle to end domestic violence.”


How to use the film

  • AT HOME: Livestream the film on TVO’s website and read the accompanying discussion guide. A separate men’s viewing group guide is also available.
  • WITH YOUR ACTIVIST FAMILY: Host a screening at your community group, action circle, or other Amnesty meeting, using the accompanying discussion guide.
  • IN YOUR COMMUNITY: Reach out to community partners and organize a community screening of the film. The community screening guide has excellent guidance for public film screenings.

How to access the film

  • For home screenings, the film can be livestreamed from the TVO website.
  • For public screenings, we have access to DVD and digital versions of the film. Contact Jackie to request a copy of the film. Specify whether you would like digital access or DVD access. If you request a DVD, one will be mailed to you from the closest Amnesty office. If you request a digital copy of the film, please specify if you require stereo or Dolby, and a MAC or PC file. We will connect you with the National Film Board, who will email you digital access to the film.

Resources and actions