How you can help the people of Syria

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands of Amnesty International supporters worldwide who took action on the crisis in Syria over the last week. Evacuations from Aleppo are nearly complete and the UN Security Council has agreed to urgently deploy monitors to the ground. We have only been able to do this with your support, every action that was taken has helped ensure that civilians in Aleppo are protected.

We’ve finally seen an important break through on all the work that Amnesty International has been doing on Syria; on December 20th the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution establishing an independent international mechanism to ensure accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity committees in Syria since March 2011. This is the first step towards justice for the thousands of victims in Syrian crisis.

But it’s not just people in Aleppo needing our help. Across Syria, people are being tortured and badly treated in prisons and other places of detention. Amnesty International has documented these practices and, with your help we’re urging authorities to get UN monitors into these places as well, to stop these human rights abuses. Through our research and campaigning, Amnesty International has pushed hard – this year and many years previous – to expose the intensity and scale of war crimes by all parties to the conflict in Syria. Amnesty has:

  • documented torture and other abuses in Syrian prisons.

  • pressed for justice and accountability.

  • demanded an arms embargo.

  • urged that humanitarian passages be opened up to reach civilians and allow them to flee to safety.

  • called on governments to respond more generously to the overwhelming needs of Syrian refugees, whose desperate and deadly journeys across the Mediterranean to reach safety have become truly heartbreaking.

Our actions and continued pressure are essential to ensure the protection of civilians. In the face of this brutal conflict, every action you take, no matter how small, makes a difference.


Here are 3 more ways you can help people struggling in Syria:


1. Watch and share our video. 

Amnesty International works to protect human rights in crisis and conflict around the world. Help support this work by sharing our crisis response video. 

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2. Donate now. 

Your donations are vital to ensuring Amnesty International has the capacity to send our crisis researchers into the field, in Syria, in Darfur, Iraq, wherever civilian lives are in danger. 

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3. Learn more about the ongoing crisis.

Visit our Syria webpage to learn about our work to end the crisis in Syria or read the latest reports from the field: 

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