Protection granted to Rosalina and other Rio Blanco community members

  • What do we do when members of the Río Blanco community in Honduras are threatened with death for seeking to stop construction of a dam that would destroy the environment on which all their rights depend?
  • What do we do when community leader Rosalina Domínguez is attacked by armed men because she continues the campaign against the dam that was led by murdered Lenca water defender Berta Cáceres?
  • What do we do when someone intentionally destroys the food crops that provide for the survival of 25 families who are part of the same struggle to stop the dam and protect Indigenous rights?

We count on Urgent Action writers to ask the Honduran Minister of Human Rights to ensure the protection of these endangered people. (UA 64/19 of 10 May)

In September, the minister convened a meeting with Rosalina and other members of COPINH (Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organization) to determine what security measures they would like.

Good news!  Protection requested by the community has now been granted to Rosalina and other Río Blanco community members.

Amnesty International believes that the public campaign on behalf of COPINH, including appeals sent by Amnesty International members, contributed to this positive development. COPINH’s current leader is the daughter of Berta Cáceres. Berthita Zúniga Cáceres told us: “Solidarity is important. When Canadians speak out, it carries a lot of weight in Honduras.”