You have helped obtain protection for Flaminio Onogama Gutiérrez

Over 9,000 Amnesty supporters have spoken up about the grave danger facing Flaminio Onogama Gutiérrez, following death threats and the assassination of two of his family members.

Your voice is being heard.

  • Colombian media reported that thousands of Canadians had called for protection of Flaminio and his community
  • The Canadian government informed us it called on Colombian officials to provide protection for Flaminio and the people of La Esperanza. The Canadian government also reported it had  contacted the prosecutor’s office to call for action to bring to justice those responsible for the threats and assassinations
  • The government of Colombia provided Flaminio with a bodyguard and other protection measures.

Flaminio sent the following message: “A huge thank you to everyone. Believe me, your support is so important.”

But Flaminio also told us that the situation remains incredibly dangerous. Paramilitaries continue to threaten him and his family. Indigenous leaders in La Esperanza and other communities that have opposed resource extraction projects continue to live in fear.

Flaminio appealed to us to keep up the pressure, pressure that commands attention in Colombia.

Here is what you can do to help us increase the pressure that Flaminio knows is so crucial to the protection of threatened Indigenous peoples.
Click here and send a short, personal message calling for Canada to include the attacks on Flaminio and his people in its upcoming human rights report, as required by the Canada Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

This vital action will take a matter of minutes.  It is another important way to focus attention on lives at risk and the need for long term solutions to protect the rights of Indigenous communities affected by resource extraction in Colombia.

Click here to learn more and take action.

Never doubt that together we can and will make a difference. Thank you!