Amnesty International welcomes Canada’s request for formal negotiations against Syria under Convention Against Torture

Ottawa, ON – Amnesty International welcomes Canada’s decision to request formal negotiations on Syria under the Convention against Torture. 

“Holding the Syrian government accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity and torture is a critical step to end a culture of impunity that has plagued the country for years and provides a glimpse of justice for Syrian victims,” said Amnesty International (Canada) Secretary General Ketty Nivyabandi. 

Amnesty International previously called on Canada to pursue formal negotiations against Syria through the International Court of Justice (ICJ). While the International Court of Justice does not have jurisdiction to try individuals accused of war crimes or crimes against humanity, it can hold states responsible for failing to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice. 

“There is overwhelming evidence that the Syrian government has committed grave crimes and human rights violations under international law. Canada’s decision also sends a strong message of solidarity and hope to Syrians who have endured insufferable violence at the hands of the Assad regime.” 

Media contact: Lucy Scholey, Media Relations, Amnesty International Canada (English branch), 613-853-2142,