Human Rights Council addresses unprecedented human rights crisis and sends a strong message of support to the people in Venezuela

Today, 27 September, the United Nations’ Human Rights Council (HRC) passed a resolution to address the unprecedented human rights crisis unfolding in Venezuela. Amnesty International’s Secretary General, Kumi Naidoo, welcomed the resolution:
“Venezuela is seeing one of the worst human rights crises the Americas has seen in decades. Millions of people are fleeing a country were violations to the rights of food, health, life and many other basic human rights are being perpetrated by state agents daily, with no hope for justice, truth and reparation for victims.”
“In light of the gravity of the human rights situation in Venezuela and the lack of options for justice in the country, the recent decision by the Human Rights Council to address this dramatic situation and support the victims could not be more timely or necessary. Seeing a significant majority of Latin America and the Caribbean States supporting this resolution is also encouraging.”
Kumi Naidoo noted that already a few months prior, during the HRC’s 38th session in July 2018, 52 countries from several regions had expressed their concern about the human rights situation in Venezuela.
“Amnesty International looks forward to seeing the continued efforts made by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights through its reports, as well as the constructive discussions by member states during the subsequent Council sessions to follow.”
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