Hungary: Failure to quash terror charges against Syrian man a devastating blow for justice

Following a decision by Hungary’s Court of Appeal to uphold the conviction of a Syrian man, Ahmed H, for “complicity in act of terror” during clashes with police at the Serbia-Hungary border in September 2015, Eda Seyhan, Amnesty International’s Counter Terrorism Campaigner, said:
“After three years behind bars, this judgement comes as a blow for Ahmed, his wife and his two young daughters.”
“Ahmed’s absurd conviction has nothing to do with justice but instead plays into the hands of the Hungarian authorities’ demonization of refugees, migrants and those seeking to protect them.”
“By blatantly misusing terrorism-related provisions and riding roughshod over the law, this verdict exemplifies the erosion of the rule of law and human rights protections in Hungary.”
The court today upheld the terrorism charge but reduced the jail sentence from 7 years to 5 years. He will have to stay in prison for a minimum of two-thirds of the 5-year sentence. Since he has already served 3 years in prison, he will be eligible for release in early 2019.
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