Sweden: New rape law will be historic victory for #MeToo campaigners

Sweden’s parliament will today vote on a bill which, if passed, will recognize in law that sex without consent is rape. Ahead of the vote, which is expected to be passed with a large majority, Anna Blus, Amnesty International’s Women’s Rights Researcher for Europe said:
“Today’s vote will mark a huge victory for women’s rights activists in Sweden who have been campaigning tirelessly for this change for more than a decade. By refusing to stay silent, these activists have led the charge to end sexual violence, and politicians voting today should be guided by their courage.
“Shockingly, this change in law will make Sweden only the tenth country in Europe to recognize that sex without consent is rape. Most European countries still define rape based on physical force, threat or coercion, and these outdated definitions have caused immeasurable harm. While there is still a great distance to travel, we are hopeful that today’s decision will herald a Europe-wide shift in legislation and in attitudes.”