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Ukraine: Activists across the globe call on Russia to end its all-out assault on human rights

On 24 March, Amnesty International will stage a Global Day of Action to demand that Russia end its invasion of Ukraine — an illegal act of aggression that continues to wreak untold destruction at all levels.  

Activists in countries across the world will take part in actions and events to mark one month since the start of an invasion that has had myriad devastating consequences for the people of Ukraine, for freedom of expression in Russia, and on the international human rights framework. 

“Russia’s actions have unleashed a human rights catastrophe. In Ukraine, in the space of just four weeks, lives, livelihoods, homes and infrastructure have been destroyed, families have been torn apart, and millions have been displaced. At home, Russia’s authorities have embarked on an unprecedented crackdown on dissent that has seen anti-war protesters beaten up and imprisoned and the few remaining independent media outlets forced to close. Acute shortages of essential supplies caused by the invasion could yet precipitate a broader humanitarian disaster across the globe,” said Bruce Millar, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director of Campaigns for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

One month since the start of the invasion, activists from all corners of the globe are speaking in one voice to demand that the Russian authorities put a stop to this wanton destruction by ending their illegal aggression, protecting civilians, and respecting international law.

Bruce Millar, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director of Campaigns for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

Since the start of the invasion, Amnesty International has documented indiscriminate attacks that have killed or injured civilians, possible unlawful attacks that have destroyed or damaged civilian infrastructure, including strikes on hospitals and schools, and the use of banned cluster munitions — which may constitute war crimes under international law. Amnesty International is determined to ensure there is justice for these crimes and to provide essential evidence, which can be used to hold perpetrators accountable. 

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a manifest violation of the United Nations Charter and an act of aggression that is a crime under international law, while its decision to leave the Council of Europe and denounce the European Convention on Human Rights removes some of the last safeguards against human rights abuses for those who need them most in today’s Russia. 

Actions and events will take place outside Russian embassies and at emblematic sites in countries including Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and the U.S. Amnesty’s global action, calling on the Russian authorities to stop this act of aggression and protect civilians, has already been signed by more than 340,000 people.  


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