UN: New High Commissioner will enter a tumultuous era for human rights

Responding to the nomination of Michelle Bachelet as the new United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Isha Dyfan, Director of International Advocacy at Amnesty International, said:
“Michelle Bachelet’s nomination comes at a tumultuous time for the human rights community. As we approach the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the freedoms enshrined within it are under sustained threat around the world. 
“Brutal and protracted conflicts are raging in many countries, while a rising tide of authoritarianism is undermining the human rights standards many have long taken for granted. It will take a strong and principled leader, willing to speak truth to power and ready to mobilize resources and political will, to defend our rights in this challenging climate.
“We look forward to cooperating with Michelle Bachelet to advance the broad human rights agenda of her office, including strengthening the OHCHR itself upon the General Assembly confirmation.
“Amnesty International also calls on the UN to work on improving transparency around selection processes for senior UN positions. If the UN is to maintain its credibility as the standard bearer for human rights, rule of law and accountability, it is essential that its leaders are selected in a way that is representative of the fairness and transparency that it aims to advance around the world.”