Yemen: Ceasefire in Hodeidah brings long-awaited glimmer of hope to millions

Responding to news that the warring parties in Yemen have agreed to a ceasefire for the port city of Hodeidah, Lynn Maalouf, Amnesty International’s Middle East Director of Research said:
“Today’s announcement of a ceasefire agreement in Hodeidah brings hope to millions of civilians who are heavily dependent on the port for access to essential goods and humanitarian aid.
“The conflict has had a devastating impact in terms of interrupting vital supplies in and around Hodeidah. Both parties to the conflict have deliberately impeded humanitarian assistance in violation of international humanitarian law. They must now provide prompt and unhindered access to UN agencies and humanitarian organizations to deliver food, fuel, medicines and medical supplies to civilians in desperate need across Yemen.
“We call on the international community to strengthen the UN’s efforts to end gross violations of international law committed by all parties to the conflict and ensure justice and reparation for victims.”
On 12 June, the Yemeni government – backed by the Saudi Arabia and UAE-led coalition announced the launch of the offensive on the city of Hodeidah, a strategic port city that has been under Huthi control since October 2014.
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