I Welcome: Global Refugee Campaign

We share our world, and we share responsibility for making it the kind of place we want to live in. This includes responsibility for protecting each other’s human rights and freedom. Right now, record numbers of people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes. But instead of protecting refugees, many countries are slamming their doors shut. The solution to the global refugee crisis starts with each and every one of us making one simple, personal commitment to help – simply by saying: “I welcome refugees”.

This September Amnesty launched “I Welcome”, a two year refugee campaign which demands that States strengthen their commitment to protect refugees. This includes that countries cooperate with one another and commit to resettle more refugees; asylum systems be strengthened in key countries; refugees and migrants are protected as they move between countries; and that we always communicate that refugees are welcome.

 Our first action in support of this campaign demands that Australia end the abuse of people on the small island nation of Nauru. More actions and activism possibilities focused on Central America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific will arrive as the campaign gets under way. In Canada we will demand that our government stop detaining children and put an end to indefinite detention for immigration purposes. 


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To stop the detention of children in immigration holding centres 

To call on the Canadian government to welcome refugees