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Take Action

    Take Action

    Your letters, petitions and post cards show the Colombian government that the international community knows what is happening to us and cares. But more than that, your action gives enormous hope to Indigenous Peoples here, and new strength to carry on amidst so many obstacles and dangers. Please tell your activists in Canada that we thank you so much for continuing to stand with us.”
    - Dora Tavera, a leader of the Pijao Indigenous People

    Your voice as a Canadian can make a difference

    "This is what we want to tell you
    Sign our petition

    The Canadian government enjoys a special relationship with Colombia through a free trade agreement that went into effect in August 2011 and subsequent programs of military cooperation. Our government is more likely to press for action if it knows that Canadians care deeply about this issue.

    Sign our petition

    Thousands of Canadians have added their name to our petition, and tens of thousands more around the world are speaking up for Indigenous peoples in Colombia.

    > Please sign our petition and add a personal message expressing your concern and call for action.

    Get your MP involved

    Canada's Parliament committed to submitting an annual human rights impact assessment of its Free Trade Agreement with Colombia, but the government has failed to comply..

    > Send your MP an email and add a personal message.

    Get Creative: Show your support for the survival of Indigenous peoples in Colombia

    Press our government to act
    Stand up in solidarity

    Create a photo message.
    Indigenous peoples in Colombia have told us about the emergency they face with hand written signs and photo messages. It’s time for us to demand action with photo messages of concern that we will share with decision makers. Show them how you feel by holding up a homemade sign and taking a photo with it. Make sure to include where you live so your message carries weight – e.g. “From North Bay, I call for action to defend Indigenous peoples in Colombia” or “Canada must speak up for Indigenous rights in Colombia – your name, city”.

    Record a video message..
    You may prefer to deliver your message via a short video clip like the following: “I am a mother/retiree/teacher in Regina. I am extremely concerned that more than a third of Indigenous peoples in Colombia face destruction. This must be prevented. I call for action without delay to defend the survival of Indigenous peoples in Colombia.”

    Express yourself through art.
    Colour your message on a t-shirt. Draw a poster. Paint a mural. Write a poem. Sing a song and record it on video.

    Share your message.
    Send your photo message, art work, creative words or video clip to so we can upload it to our website and use to press for action. Also share what you have created on social media and encourage your followers to get involved.

    Host our photo exhibit.
    If you can arrange a space in your community to host our photo exhibit, please contact us at

    Thank YOU for raising your voice. Together we can make a difference!


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