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Refugee Protection in Canada

    Canada is viewed as a global leader with respect to refugee protection.  It has signed the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees other human rights instruments which protect refugees.  Canada was the first country to set out guidelines for considering the refugee claims of women, and has taken an active role globally in the resettlement of refugees through both government and private sponsorship programs.  However, Canada like many other countries,  also creates barriers for people seeking safety and security.

    Amnesty International is concerned as to how easily the debate around asylum seekers and refugees in Canada can be framed by myths and misconceptions. Refugees do not commit a crime when they cross a border in search of safety. The right to seek asylum is embedded in the Universal Declaration for Human Rights and other human rights instruments. States have an obligation to respect this right and not turn refugees away from their borders to a country where they face persecution. 

    Amnesty International continues to advocate for the rights of refugees in Canada and globally, in order to ensure that governments live up to their human rights obligations to protect refugees, and to ensure that refugees and migrants are treated fairly and with dignity.


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