Equatorial Guinea: Jailed Human Rights Defender at Risk of Torture

On March 1, Anacleto Micha Ndong, a defender of human rights from Equatorial Guinea, was moved to the Black Beach prison in Malabo for pre-trial detention. He faces accusations of insult and slander from a gendarme. Anacleto had previously accused this gendarme of torturing him during a past detention at Black Beach in 2023.

Given that the same gendarme is still working at Black Beach, there are serious worries about Anacleto’s safety. Earlier, on January 26, Anacleto was forcefully taken from his home in Malabo and detained for 33 days at the Malabo gendarmerie station. During this time, he was not informed of the charges against him.

Anacleto Micha Ndong is imprisoned merely for non-violently standing up for his human rights. The authorities need to set him free immediately.

Here’s what you can do:

Write to the President of Equatorial Guinea urging him to:

  • Ensure that Anacleto Micha Ndong is immediately released from arbitrary detention and is not subjected to torture and other ill-treatment pending his release.
  • Ensure his allegations of torture are promptly, thoroughly, impartially, independently, transparently and effectively investigated and anyone suspected to be responsible is brought to justice in fair trial.

Write to:

Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Presidente de Guinea Ecuatorial

Palacio Presidencial

Avenida de Libertad,


Guinea Ecuatorial

Salutation: Your Excellency:

Anacleto Micha Ndong’s Advocacy and Detentions

Anacleto Micha Ndong is known for defending human rights in Equatorial Guinea. He’s active on social media and part of “Guinea Ecuatorial también es nuestra,” a group advocating for peaceful protests and political talks. However, this isn’t his first time being detained without cause. In September 2022, after a police siege at the CI party office in Malabo, Anacleto and many CI supporters were arrested. While others got heavy prison sentences, Anacleto’s charges were changed to “contempt against authority,” leading to a six-month prison term and a fine. He was freed on June 23, 2023, after nine months behind bars.

In July 2023, shortly after his release, Anacleto filed a complaint against a Black Beach prison gendarme for alleged torture. The gendarme countered in January 2024 with accusations of insult and slander against Anacleto. Although his torture claims remain uninvestigated, a court ordered Anacleto’s pre-trial detention at Black Beach on February 8, 2024. His arrest on January 26, 2024, was notably violent, witnessed by his children, who saw the gendarmerie officers assaulting him and tearing his shirt.

Please take action as soon as possible until May 8, 2024! The UA will be duly updated should there be the need for further action.