Extraordinary gifts provide us with the means
to transform the promise of universal human rights into reality.

Your generous gift will be used to create meaningful change
and long-lasting human rights impact in Canada and around the world.

Extraordinary gifts create the opportunity to start new projects, expand our research capabilities, invest in new technologies and strengthen our grassroots. When you fund our work you stand with us at rallies, join us in meetings, and beside us as we amplify the voices of marginalized individuals and communities experiencing human rights violations. 

In order to remain independent from political ideology or economic interest, Amnesty International does not accept funding for our human rights research and campaign work from any government. That’s why individual support of our work is so vital. It is because of people like you that we can continue to campaign for positive human rights change. 

For more on our International Projects visit amnesty.org

For a list of funding opportunities, please contact our Philanthropy Team, specifically Chryslyn Pais at cpais@amnesty.ca or (416) 363-9933 x337.