Corporate Accountability and Action Kits

Have you always wondered what Amnesty’s Business and Human Rights work is all about?

Or, have you wondered why, for example, Amnesty campaigned for almost a decade for an Ombudsperson for Responsible Canadian Enterprise? In fact, what exactly is the Ombudsperson’s job and how does it relate to Amnesty’s human rights work? 

And really, what is supply chain management and what does it have to do with child labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo and that cell phone in your pocket? 

Is the Mount Polley mine disaster in BC something all mining-affected communities in Canada should be concerned about? 

If you are new to Amnesty International Canada’s Business and Human Rights campaign, or want to brush up on key issues related to corporate accountability and human rights in Canada, we’ve created a new, downloadable information kit for you. The fact sheets in the Corporate Accountability Information Kit can be used to: 

  • prepare a talk on Amnesty’s work on business and human rights
  • write a letter to the editor
  • prepare for a meeting with an MP or MLA
  • build knowledge within your community or grassroots group on business and human rights issues so you can take action

Download the kit now to your computer, or you can order a kit sent through Canada Post by emailing us at

Take action:  

Our >>new action kit will help you hold companies and governments accountable for human rights. The kits will be updated every three months, so be sure to check back here for the latest Corporate Accountability Actions. 

More Questions? 

Please contact Amnesty’s Business and Human Rights campaigners, Tara & Fiona, directly with any questions you have about the issues we work on or to share information about exciting actions and events you have organised. 

If you would like to join Amnesty’s Corporate Action Network, which connects you to other Amnesty members working on Corporate Accountability issues, please contact Business and Human Rights Co-ordinator, Ian Heide:

And as always, you can sign up to receive our email updates. In solidarity, 

Tara & Fiona