Humanity is facing an environmental emergency of unprecedented proportions. Climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystems degradation and toxic pollution of air, water and soil are dramatic, interconnected processes that are severely impacting the human rights of billions of people.

Community members who take action to protect water, land, forests and air from the impact of industrial activities are important agents of change and leaders in efforts to tackle climate change. Yet far too often they are under attack, both here in Canada and across our hemisphere.

Indigenous and racialized peoples are at heightened risk as they seek to protect land and water vital to their survival. The legacy of colonialism, slavery and white supremacy is ever present. Also at heightened risk are women earth defenders who are often at the forefront of community struggles. They face gender-specific violations and abuses, such as sexual violence and threats against their children, because in addition to challenging powerful economic interests, their outspoken efforts may transgress expectations about gender roles.

Our solidarity action is urgently needed! Click on the links below to learn more about what you can do to support the defenders whose efforts protect us all.

Hydropower and the Defence of Rights at Risk

Mining and the Defence of Rights at Risk

How can we turn the tide on the climate crisis if land defenders are systematically attacked? How can we speak of a just transition if we leave behind the communities that have already suffered the worst of climate change? How can we end another year with more deaths than the last?

Sandra Ramirez, an environment defender forced to flee Colombia