Amnesty Branding and Logos

Speaking as one movement means that activists support and amplify each other’s messages no matter where you are in the world.

The Wordmark

Consists of the words Amnesty International and the Amnesty Candle placed within a defined rectangular box. These elements are locked together – we never change the proportions, position or spacing between them. The construction and clear space around the logo are determined as shown.

To create maximum impact, our logo works best when placed on a contrasting background, and it should never be placed over a background of the same colour.

We prefer that the Wordmark be placed in the bottom right corner unless it is required to be positioned in any other corner due to image, language, design preference, or other constraints. Please avoid having it bleed off the edge of the design. You can download our logos below. Please ensure that these are used following our terms of use. 

Amnesty International Branding & Style Guide

Visit Amnesty International’s Brand Hub and bookmark it for easy reference to its branding and style guide. >>

Amnesty International House Style

This operational policy contains Amnesty International’s International Secretariat’s house style. There are multiple reasons for following house style. Consistently using house style helps produce clear and coherent outputs that reflect our work’s professionalism, accuracy, and impartiality, allowing our audience to concentrate on our message. It also aids the readability of our outputs, many of which are consulted by people whose first language is not that of the text they are reading.

In addition, given the importance of multilingualism in spreading Amnesty International’s message and our organizational culture and being mindful that most of our outputs will be translated into other languages, adhering to these guidelines will facilitate the work of our translators.

Finally, it reinforces the idea that Amnesty International speaks with one voice.

Download Amnesty’s International House Styleguide now.

TIP: If you’re in an Amnesty group, you could designate one group member to help with your communications materials and ensure that everything is consistent.